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Nominations Open - Retiring LJ

Nominations Are Open on AO3

Maintaining a presence on Livejournal in addition to Dreamwidth and Tumblr no longer makes sense in the current fandom climate. I will be retiring this community in favor of the Dreamwidth one for Parallels 2016.

Name Reveals

The collection is no longer anonymous. Thank you all for another great year of Parallels!

Works are Live!

We're waiting for a couple of last-minute pinch hits to come in, so reveals will be tomorrow.

Pinch hits are all in, so I am revealing works!


Reveals Approach!

All pinch hits are covered, for now. Everyone will have a present unless you both defaulted and were defaulted on.

Those of you still working on them and those of you with extensions, good luck! Works will be revealed on Saturday, August 15th.

Until then, treat, treat, treat away! And since people have asked, yes pinch hits and treats are most welcome whether you're signed up for Parallels or not.


Pinch Hits!

We have a few pinch hits this year, as usual. You can claim one by commenting below. Please include your AO3 name. First come, first served, but extra treats are always welcome!

Pinch hit #1Collapse )

Pinch hit #2Collapse )

Pinch hit #3Collapse )

Pinch hit #4Collapse )


Deadline Coming Up!

Don't forget: the deadline for Parallels assignments is tonight. I hope it's going well for everyone.

I moved apartments today, currently do not have internet access at home, and will be at a major annual work event all day tomorrow, so mod responses will be slow for the moment. (Sorry!)

Once I am able to tomorrow evening (or possibly Sunday morning, given my internet issues), I will close submissions and anyone who has not turned in their assignment will be automatically defaulted. At that time, I will post remaining pinch hits here.

Good luck finishing, everyone!

Pinch Hit #2

Comment below to claim. First come, first served.

ETA: Claimed!

My Hero Academia, Ore Monogatari, 19 Days, One-Punch ManCollapse )


Pinch Hit #1 & Matching Update

Thank you, everyone, for being easy to match. (And apologies to those of you who decided to drop out or change your signups to make that possible.) This year, we have just one initial pinch hit. To claim it, please comment below. First come, first served.

ETA: Pinch hit has been claimed

Read more...Collapse )

Letters & Last Day for Signups

Signups are still open here.

If you've been waffling on signing up, now's the time! If you want to pimp Parallels to your small fandoms, it's not too late.

I will be closing signups some time late tonight. Assignments should go out some time on the 1st. After everyone is assigned and any initial pinch hits are claimed, I will reveal all requests.

Letters aren't required for Parallels, but they can be a big help to your assigned fanwork creator and people who want to make treats. Feel free to link them in the comments on Dreamwidth or Livejournal or to reblog with a link to your Tumblr post.