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Parallels is a rare fandom fanworks exchange for Asian sources.

Why the name? Anime fandom and other Asian source fandoms have a long history outside of Western Media Fandom. There are many points of intersection and many fans in both, but one did not grow from the other like Media Fandom did from SF fandom. They are a parallel evolution. Within and throughout Asia, there are many media like manga, manhua, and manhwa with their own parallel traditions.

Parallels is inspired by Yuletide but at a different time of year, unaffiliated with it, and with a somewhat different core demographic. I envision it as a complementary exchange--in parallel, if you will.

Here are the most basic rules:

1. Nominate Asian sources that don't have big fandoms.

2. Make a fanwork meeting the minimum criteria and using the fandom and characters in your assignment.

  • fic: 500 words

  • vids/amvs: 30 seconds

  • art: 500x500px

3. Don't be a dick.

For FAQ and more details, see the Parallels 2015 collection on AO3.

2015 Timeline:
June 1-15th: Nominations
June 16-29th: Signups
July 1st: Assignments go out
August 1st: Assignments due
August 1st-14th: Pinch hitting
August 15th: Works go live
August 22nd: Creator names are revealed
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